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Gusto Organic Original Energy

Gusto Organic Original Energy

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Cola flavoured, 100% natural and organic energy drink with guarana, kola nut and 14 botanicals, sweetened with apple juice for strength, focus and wellbeing.

First launched in 1990 from the Portobello Road offices of Green & Blacks chocolate and Whole Earth Food, Gusto Original was a unique concept – a ‘no nasties’ 100% natural energy drink, powered by Amazon guarana, African cola nut and 14 Chinese herbs for strength, focus and wellbeing. 

Gusto Original was created as a party drink – a natural alternative to the chemical excesses of the 80s and early 90s. To this day it gives lift, focus and a spring in the step to legions of Gusto fans across four continents. We’re proud that this is where we started from. It’s the seed from which the Gusto Organic tree has grown.

The recipe for Gusto Original remains unchanged to this day, blending 14 Chinese herbs with organic apple juice, Amazon guarana and cola nut from the rainforests of Africa.  There is no other organic energy drink quite like Gusto Original for a sustained lift that works naturally with your body.

For millennia, the Guarani tribe in Brazil used guarana to stave off hunger and give them speed and agility whilst hunting. For Guarani peoples, guarana has both practical and spiritual uses and is revered as an aphrodisiac, a source of stimulation and a means to prolong life.

Vegan. Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Spring water, apple juice from concentrate 15%, caramel, botanical extracts 0.5%  (guarana, kola nut, Panax Ginseng, Chrysthanthemum flower, Chinese angelica, spine date seed, Siberian ginseng, panax pseudoginseng, red sage root, red peony root, figwort root, szechuan lovage root, fourleaf ladybell root, American ginseng) Lemon Juice from concentrate 0.4%, natural flavouring. 

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