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Gusto Organic Fiery Ginger with Jalapeño

Gusto Organic Fiery Ginger with Jalapeño

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Gusto Organic Fiery Ginger with chipotle blends ginger extract from Nigeria and Indonesia with fresh ginger juice to deliver a big ginger hit balanced with smoke and heat from Mexican chipotle. This quintessential adult soft drink is sweetened with blue agave from Mexico and Fairtrade apple juice and is 20% lower in calories than regular sodas.

Mankind has been guzzling and stirring, squeezing and pressing ginger into food and drinks for millennia. A strange, knobbly root with a strikingly pretty flower, it is earth, citrus and fire – a catalogue of tastes and tingles that entertains pallets across all four continents. 

The laser-like eye of Gusto Organic Drinks decided we need to take our own unique approach to this venerable plant. Therefore, our all-new organic ginger drink needed to be organic certified, without the use of refined sugar and without the requirement to shock the blood sugar levels of our customers, as traditional ginger soft drinks so often like to do. 

We use fresh organic ginger juice from China and we blend it with ginger from Nigeria and Indonesia, with each ginger bringing notes of flavour, depth and zing. We sweeten this with organic and Fairtrade apple juice and organic fairtrade blue agave from Jalisco in Mexico (apples, ginger, agave are perfect flavour foils for each other). We add to this a reasonable glug of organic lemon juice (we like a little sour with our sweet) and, to elevate this champion of beverages to a higher plane, we blend in Mexican chipotle – a wonderful smoked chilli that offers heat, a little  smoke and a wonderful sackful of background hum. 

We wager this is the quintessential adult soft drink: complex, decidedly grown-up, sweet, hot, zingy and dry. But if adult soft drinks are not all you are after, it is a superb mixer with Vodka, or for that legendary ‘Dark and Stormy’, with Rum. 

Ginger, we salute you in all your organic and botanical finery.

Vegan. Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Spring water, agave nectar, fresh ginger juice (3%), apple juice (from concentrate), erythritol, lemon juice (from concentrate), natural flavouring of ginger and chipotle.  

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