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Gusto Organic Sicilian Blood Orange

Gusto Organic Sicilian Blood Orange

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The finest organic Sicilian blood orange juice blended with Devon spring water and sweetened with blue agave from Mexico and Fairtrade apple juice. 

A straw poll at Gusto Organic Towers produced a shocking fact: fans of sparkling citrus drinks have been left severely wanting.

We looked at the competition, at the citrus soft drinks brand leaders, and realised that beyond the pretty packaging our taste buds were left burnt, weary and yearning from more.

So, we took it personally and set out on a quest to right these wrongs. We sourced organic blood oranges from the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, grown on a family estate that spreads to the foothills of Europe’s most active volcano. These blood oranges have reached their roots deep into the organic volcanic soils, and they pack a mighty hit of anthocyanins that fight free radicals and inflammation and bring a wonderfully diverse citrus flavour that even encompassed notes of strawberry and raspberry.

We use whole oranges, pith and peel, and blend these with Sicilian blood orange juice to create a super orange blast of the sun-drenched South.

To complete this study of simplicity and authenticity, we add Devon spring water, drawn from the hills of Exmoor. Organic blood oranges and spring water, sweetened with organic agave and Fairtrade apple juice. A simple pleasure with fine organic ingredients front and centre, Gusto Organic Sicilian Blood Orange makes no compromise.

Vegan. Gluten Free. 

Ingredients: Spring water, agave nectar, apple juice (from concentrate), blood orange juice 23% (from concentrate), whole crushed oranges, lemon juice (from concentrate), natural blood orange flavour.  


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